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Sep 6:

"Money Power Glory" - Unofficial Music Video

Check out this part lyric-video, part studio-video for Final Thought's cover of "Money Power Glory". The video was edited by Dustin's brother, Mike Dopsa. The video can be streamed below, and don't forget to download the audio from Soundcloud for free!

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Sep 6:

Money Power Glory

Check out the kid's new cover of Lana Del Rey's "Money Power Glory". It can also be downloaded for freeee.

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Sep 4:

Lyric Art

Check out this super cool art-piece of "The Very First Time" lyrics.

The piece was inked by our friend Shannon Leigh. To have a look at more of her word-art, visit her on Instagram: @shanleighwats

If you're not familiar with the tune, you can stream it here:

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Jul 14:

The Final Thought Kids Are Playing in Barrie

Final Thought will be playing an intimate little rock show at British Arms Pub (Barrie, ON) on Saturday July 19th. The Final Thought Kids will take the stage at ~Midnight. The show is absolutely Free, so be sure to come out and have a beer or seven.

You can will yourself a copy of Final Thought's What We Need by retweeting or reposting promo posted by the band throughout the week. Check out the details below:


See ya Saturday, FT

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Feb 13:

Final Thought on B101 FM

Tonight, Final Thought's ballad "What We Need" will be played on B101's "Smash It or Trash It" radio feature. You can call in to B101 FM and vote to "smash it" (turn the song into a "smash" hit) at 9pm this evening.


You can also tune in to B101 online, here:

If you miss the tune over the airwaves, or simply can't wait until 9pm... you listen to the song on YouTube below.

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Feb 7:

It's almost time!

Time is winding down to grab tickets for the Down With Webster/Final Thought show! If you're in need of tickets, reach out to us on twitter (@final_thought) or email:

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Jan 20:

DOWN WITH WEBSTER Party 4 Your Life Triple Bill Tour (Barrie)

Final Thought will be opening for Down With Webster at The Ranch Bar & Grill in Barrie, Friday February 21st!

Tickets are cheapest if you grab 'em from one of the boys, and each ticket comes with a free "What We Need" FT record. Both All Ages & 19+ tickets are available.

Email:, subject line: "Down With Webster Tickets" if you're interested in purchasing tickets!

To visit the official Facebook event page, click here:

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Dec 22:

"Together On This Christmas Night" Guitar Chords/Tabs

Check out the following link for the chords/tabs of our Christmas single "Together On This Christmas Night". And that is all!
Merry Christmas!
Together On This Christmas Night - Final Thought - Guitar Tabs

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Dec 10:

Final Thought is "comin' to town"

Barrie kids! Simcoe-County folks!
Final Thought is comin' to town this weekend, which is far more exciting than some fat dude with a beard (just kidding Santa, we love you).

Check out the official Facebook Event Page for all the details! The show will take place at The Fox in Barrie. Come have a few holiday beverages with us.

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Nov 14:

Wrapped Around Your Finger Remix

Today the boys have released a remixed version of 2010's "Wrapped Around Your Finger". The song can be downloaded for free from the band's Bandcamp & Soundcloud profiles.

Download the song!

"Wrapped Around Your Finger" was originally released as part of the "Taste Test EP" in 2010. The song was later remixed and partially rerecorded for release on the 2011 full length "What We Need"; the full length was originally supposed to contain 11 songs. When it came time to arrange and master the album, the band decided that the "Wrapped Around Your Finger" remix didn't fit sonically with the rest of the album. The remix was 'scrapped' and was not included on the album.

The previously unreleased mix can now be downloaded for free. Please feel obligated to tell all your friends. That's a pun.

Ps. THIS IS NOT A DANCE REMIX. It is a "remix" in the sense that some things have been rerecorded, and a new mix with higher production value has been achieved. Basically, the song got a makeover. It does however have a few neat electronic drum samples.

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